RAW Artist Reservation

Reflection of Me

First I want to thank you for all the support that everyone is giving me on this project. I did not foresee this project getting publish in several different publication. Not only that, it has reached several different countries in the world. I hope that this project will bring a light to our society that not all breeds are bad, only how it's raised. I also hope that it brings awareness that there are approximately 3.3 Million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. With that number 670,000 dogs are euthanized. The purpose of this series is to bring awareness on that matter and hope that everyone can rethink about adopting sheltered dogs instead of getting new pups. 

Let's continue to share this series as well as educating people on breeds and help support adopting rescued animals. On March 29th, 2017 I will be showcasing this series as well as doing a meet and greet. It's a soft open to prepare for a future gallery for myself. This RAW Artist is an independent arts organization, for artist, by artist. I will be there with a variety of artist in the industry. This is a great time to ask me questions about the project, find out what projects are lined up next, ask me lighting setup's or simply stop by to just say "Hi!". It's a great venue at the Los Angeles Exchange in downtown. There will be music, drinks and networking. Space will be limited so here's how you can reserve your spot. 

Option 1

Option I

Purchase a general admission for $22 that will go towards supporting RAW Artists and help keep this program functioning for other artist such as myself. 

Option 2

Option II

You will receive a signed copy of a 25x20 Proline Uncoated Archival-quality hard cover book with all 25 portrait for $150. This includes the admission for the event. 

Option 3

Option III

You will receive a 28.8x21.6 glass printed portrait of Reflection of Me (dog of your choice). This frame is 3/16 inch thick with rigid backing coated in pure glass $200.

Can't attend, but still want to support the art?

If you simply can't attend due to previous engagements or location is too far, you can still support by investing on future projects. Also if you reserve either option II or option III, I will personally mail it to you with free shipping. This will help me attain my goal on preparing for a future gallery to showcase several personal projects.