Copy of Commercial Photographer

Spend a day with Isaac Alvarez teaching you “hands on” creative techniques, utilizing
Shutter, Aperture, Composition and Exposure. Learn how to start photographing "Celebrities"
and run a proper photography business. You will receive plenty of one on one
attention at a photography studio while creating stunning images. This
workshop is perfect for both beginner and intermediate photographers.

You will leave with a new appreciation and more importantly the skills to push your
photography to levels never before imagined.

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August 4th, 2018


Copy of Commercial Photographer
Copy of Commercial Photographer
Copy of Commercial Photographer

Workshop Outline

Recognizing your asset
Developing your personal vision
Promoting yourself as an artist with Social Media Strategy
Photograph Celebrities
Basic fundamentals
Tweaking established rules
The key to innovation
Hand on Lighting
Capturing the image
Photoshop is a necessity
Marketing yourself

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9:00   – Introduction
9:30   – Workshop Outline Discussed
10:30  – Set Up
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Lighting with the subject
2:30 – Hands on shooting.
3:30 – Photoshop simple Techniques
4:30 – Discussion/Recap
5:00 - End of Day



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