Watching the "Blood Moon"

Got home settled down and was ready for the so-called Blood Moon.  It's funny cause every time I tried to Google a Blood Moon, I get this ridiculously over the top photoshopped of a moon blood red. So I had to see it for myself and prepare to camp out with marshmallows on a stick.  

I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark III with a 70 - 200MM lens on a tripod.  Found an awesome spot with clear skies then I took a 20 min sequence of the moon and got amazing results.  

The moon started out bright white like a flash light in the sky.  It started to change color as the earth slowly covered the moon.  It was an amazing sight and awesome experience.  I can finally say that I saw a Blood Moon and documented the changes.  

For all you technical peeps out there here are some settings I had.  I started out with 500 shutter speed with a 5.0 aperture.  I shot with the same settings up until you get to the 11th moon (shown above).  I couldn't see the red but looking at it with my naked eye was a different story.  I then lowered down my shutter to 1.3" of a sec with a 4.0 aperture while keeping my ISO on a 100 on all images.  I got number 12th as a result.  I had a few obstacle while waiting for the changes, on some occasions I had bits of cloud covering the moon.  Which gave it an eerie feel, all we needed was a werewolf howling for it's prey lol.  Hence this is around 12am, for some of you the night was just getting started and some were collecting some zzzzz.  So I waited for another 20min and got this for the final image.

1.0" of a sec with a 4.0 aperture and stayed on 100 ISO

Some people are taking this as a sign and some might see this as something scary (worlds end). But the truth of this is the amazing wonders that we can experience and appreciate in our life. This is just one we can cherish and remember for days to come.  God's creation is truly miraculous. 

So the next time you have an opportunity such as this, grab your camera and love ones and enjoy the time...