Madsen Monday

Craziness can hit us on an opportune time when you least expect it.  Especially the day before a big event.  Well, that's exactly what happened to me....  craziness...  Don't get me wrong but this is good crazy, is what event planners and party animals anticipate when they prepare for an event.  It's the rush that you get when you drink 5 Monster cans on a Black Friday.  Everything must go sale lol.  

As creative we always have everything planned but it doesn't always go according to plan. Sometimes worst has to come before it gets better, but yet other times it comes and blows your mind.  Well, I can say this with a positive note that this night was awesomely insane.  YES! The launch of Michael Madsen's cover for Felix Magazine.  We also celebrated Elaine and Virginia Madsen's "Women Empowering Women". It was one of those nights that you didn't expect what will happen. Yet the turnout was fabulous! 

It was celebrated at one of the best galleries in Santa Monica "Jeanie Madsen Gallery".  What more can you ask for, awesome people and across the street from the beach. These are the times when you look back and realize what you've accomplished as an artist. All the hard work and sacrifices will lead you the accomplishments and perseverance. I always remember the quote "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work" (Colin Powell). But I know that I didn't achieve this in my own power or determination, God was the one who leads me through my success.