Amy and Gene Engagement

I had the pleasure of shooting and being a part of Amy and Gene’s Engagement photos.  Shooting a wedding is a whole different monster, luckily I was able to shoot their Engagement and escaping the Big Day.  

Don’t get me wrong Weddings are awesome, especially when two of the most wonderful people have found each other and decided to tie to knot. But on the photographer’s point of view, it’s A LOT of work capturing that special day that cannot be recreated. In my opinion, the Engagement shoot is the most fun and least stressful when you're photographing the couple. You tend to focus on the love and the affection that they have instead of running around and trying to make sure you have everything on your list. It gives you a chance to get to see their connection.  Capturing emotions is my forte and when your subject is deeply in love then it becomes easy. Here are some of the shots we captured on that special day. 


This photo is special, I captured a Hummingbird flying and captured their faces when they saw it.  It was priceless!