The Fork "Chapter VIII"

As Draven checks, if the coast is clear, Aela stares at the bag of cash contemplating what to do next.  Draven (with panic and distress) hopes that his escape was successful.  Not knowing the outcome of his paradox, Draven is in an unstable state.

Draven contemplates his next move while Aela comforts him as he closes the door.  ”What are we going to do?” Aela asks while she opens her arms to reach for his shoulders. “I messed up….  I messed up big time” Draven replied with a stuttering voice.  Aela reaches for his jacket but Draven resisted to take it off.  

Draven walks away with anger and fear.  ”I should’ve stuck with the current time.” said Draven “I know I should’ve stuck with the third try,” he said.  Aela started worrying and ask “How many times was this done?” she asks with curiosity.  As Draven pauses he didn’t want to shock her with the answer.  

As soon as Aela felt the pause she began to worry and started getting scared.  She knew that Draven loses control and when that happens he begins to go haywire.  ”This is….. the twenty-fifth time.” Draven answered with a pause knowing that he was only scaring Aela more and more.  As soon as Aela heard that, she began to shake in fear.  

Aela was beginning to worry and she pleaded him to live with the consequences. “Draven you need to relax and think about the next move.  You can’t keep on doing this, you know what’s going to happen to you if you don’t stop,” she answered with a worried look in her eye.  As Draven thoroughly digest what she said, he started planning his next move.  With the history of being a cocaine addict, he felt the urge to take a hit.  ”I need to take a line babe.” Draven replied as he rubs his nose with his finger.

"Draven you have to think clearly, you take that hit then you will blackout" as Aela tries to snap Draven out of it and begins to ask him the next move. "You can’t do this Draven, remember what happened to John." As soon as Aela said John, Draven begins to regain his chain of thought. 

Aela wrapped her arms around Draven and he started to brainstorm his next move.  At this point, all the sirens and helicopters were circling around the area.  It’s only a matter of time that the cops will narrow down their location.  ”I could always try to fix and go before John’s death.” Draven told Aela.  ”No matter what you do, you will always fail.” Aela replied with a saddened heart.  

Draven can’t accept John’s death and feels that he was responsible for the outcome.  As he lit up a cigarette Aela sat him down and told him “You need to think about this and you have to stop being a hero.” 

Draven sat back and started thinking while Aela comforts him.  As he thinks about the bag of money and two pistols with a few bullets remaining, Draven was limited on his next move.  The only way he knows how to fix this is to go against Aela’s will.  But knowing Aela, she will try to stop him as much as she can.  Draven needs to utilize what he has and try to follow Aela’s advice.  Draven didn’t want to frighten Aela even more, so Draven got up and walked to the kitchen and place Aela on top of the counter. 

Then it hits him that no matter what he does or changes, everything will end up worse.  The only way he can stop this from happening is to make a choice between Aela and John.  Draven was in a fork again, a fork that he doesn’t want to cross. A fork that will make him decide to give up the forbidden Love or to lose the friend that saved his life.

While Draven decided on his next move he whispered to Aela and said “Aela….   I Love You!” then disappeared…..